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Title: Our Work Across the Region
Date: 23-May-2008
Description: Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Brunei Darussalam  -   PCR  Shrimp and Fish Virus



Busy@Work  - preparing  PCR mastermix                                             Time to relax with the Aquatic Disease Section  team

LIR Biotech offered our  integrated solutions to the DOF Brunei in 2005 for their Disease Section. Since then, the DOF Brunei has not looked back.  The team and the lab is one of the best and most active in ASEAN region with systematic surveillence and monitoring program. 

Malaysia  -  Food Safety  Residue Testing,  Department of Public Health (Northern Region) 


LIR Biotech  works closely with  laboratory technicians especially  hands-on training and  technical knowledge on ELISA .  We emphasise on operations and understanding concepts like Limit of Detection (LOD) ; Decision Limit ; Limit of Quantitation (LOQ) , statisctical probability  CC-alfa  and CC-beta.  Pictures showing organic extraction process (left)  and  pipetting assay  (rght) for Nitrofuran (AOZ and AMOZ metabolites).    


Malaysia - Blue Archipelago


LIR Biotech is providing PCR detection platforms  and training for the laboratory staff at Blue Archipelago , a major aquaculture player. 





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