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  Photo Gallery

Malaysia Sarawak - Aquaculture Integrator  PCR Lab  

Design laboratory, integration hardware, provide detection platforms and skills competency training.   


Malaysia East Coast - Multi National Company Hatchery  

Turnkey PCR Laboratory   



Malaysia East Coast - Major Hatchery  PCR Laboratory




PCR training for Biosecurity Unit, Department of Fisheries Malaysia   


IQPLUS PCR training for shrimp hatchery (Penang) and shrimp farm (Kedah)

Indonesia -   PT Bonanza Pratama Abadi, Tarakan  

PCR and ELISA Laboratory


Indonesia Pusat Budidaya Perikanan Jakarta 

PCR Laboratory and training for Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) 


Real-Time PCR Workshop for Fisheries Quarantine Center, Indonesia

(15 Real-Time PCR lab)   


Turnkey Project – PCR lab in Advance Animal Health Science (Bangladesh)




Turn Key PCR Project At Bangladesh Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) Rajshahi

PCR porcine, GMO, Avian Influenza Virus and Bacterial Detections.