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Title: PCR Shrimp and Fish Viral Testing
Date: 26-Mar-2008
Description: In House Screening Service

 A major problem in commercial aquaculture is viral disease outbreaks that cause serious  losses to the industry.  The virus  spreads  via vertical or horizontal transmission through infected carriers. There is no known effective treatment for shrimp or fish virus. PCR is a sensitive and specific molecular  tool for early detection of potential carriers.   

LIR Biotech operates a conventional PCR laboratory  and we offer test for  virus in shrimp  (WSSV, TSV, YHV/GAV, IMNV, HPV, MBV, NHP-B)  and fish  (KHV, Iridovirus and VNN).   Results are generated with  full gel images with a turn around time of  24-48 hours. All information is treated with confidentiality. We provide walk in or contract screening.  We will provide advise on how to prepare and ship the specimens.  Contact us for further information.














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