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Date: 08-Feb-2010
Description: Our New Service

LAB-IND RESOURCE (LIR Biotech) the leader in shrimp and fish PCR viral detection has invested and upgraded its laboratory to  offer real-time PCR services to the aquaculture industry. We are the only private laboratory  in Malaysia and  in the region,  offering shrimp viral detection  using real-time platform that allows  qualitative and viral load (for research purposes) determinations.  Our lab is in the process of working towards ISO 17025.

We offer viral screening and diagnostics for

  • Shrimp: WSSV *, TSV*, IHHNV* , YHV * /GAV,  IMNV *,  MBV, HPV , MrNV   ( those marked * - virus detection  by real-time PCR)
  • Fish: KHV, VNN and Iridovirus

In the near future, we are looking at providing tests services for  Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) screening and also viral load quantitation.


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