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Title: I-Screen IHHNV Joins Pond Site Detection Solutions
Date: 26-May-2009
Description: WSSV, TSV and IHHNV Detection For P.vannamei


Further to our post  25 June 2008,  I-Screen WSSV, TSV Shrimp Viral Detection Kits  NEW - Isothermal Amplification Kit, LIR Biotech is pleased to announce the availability of  I-Screen IHHNV.

With this development , the industry now has a simple, low costs, easy to use and sensitive detection tool against  the BIG "3" virus affecting  P.vannamei , WSSV, TSV and IHHNV. 

I-SCREEN WSSV, TSV and IHHNV will further strengthen the detection capabilities at pond site for small scale hatchery and farms. We are empowering the industry players to protect their interests.



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