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Date: 07-May-2009
Description: Dioxin and dioxin like PCB Seminar

LIR Biotech  recently conducted a two hour  technical presentation on  " Dioxins and  dioxin like PCB  analysis in food and feed using the Chemical Activated  Luciferase  Expression  (CALUX)  and  bioassay  development. " The presentation covered  CALUX principles and protocols, "effect analysis" of bio-analytical assay as effective screening tool to complement the expensive chemical targeted analyses, EU  Dioxins + dioxin like PCB  limits, regulations and compliance to 2006/1883  and  1881 EC Directives, international validation and  ISO 17025, country case studies of  dioxin contaminations and value of CALUX in rountine surveillance and crisis situations,  technology and licensing prospects.

The CALUX platform has  wide applications to detect endocrine disruptors in the environment eg.  xenobiotics analyses, sports doping, reproductive and feed/food safety covering environmental and publich heath.     

The meeting was hosted by the FIQC Division of  State of Selangor. Participants included representative from  relevant departments and also Putrajaya.


We are offering now  " dioxin and dioxin like PCB " screening test to the industry.   Contact us for details.


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