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Date: 23-Apr-2009
Description: Ultra Sensitive Dioxin Screening Test

Biodetection Systems

Lab-Ind Resource Sdn Bhd (LIR Biotech)  has tied up with Biodetection Systems from the Netherlands , a pioneer for the Chemical Activated Luciferase Expression System (CALUX) bioassay.  The bioassay platform is now established in more than 50 laboratories worldwide as a reliable monitoring /surveillance tool and  during crisis situations.

With this exciting tie up, we can offer low cost, high volume, reliable dioxin and dioxin like PCB screening test to government and industries. DR-CALUX dioxin screening meets the performance and guidelines for  analytical  test 2002/657/EC.  Moreover DR-CALUX is validated and comply with requirments of  1883/2006/EC Directives for food and feed testing and is a prefered dioxin screening method.

LIR Biotech can provide DIOXIN screening for

1. Feed, food, environmental samples (water, sediment, fly ash ) , blood  etc

2. Licensing  - transfer of  technology with training to establish bioassay set-up

BDS has established different bioassays platform  for different applications - pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, environmental. sports doping etc.

DR-CALUX - Dioxin

AR -CALUX - Androgenic compounds

ER -CALUX - Estrogenic  compounds .  Other bioassay is under-development.

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