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Title: Prawn Nodavirus Detection Kits
Date: 06-Jan-2009
Description: NEW MrNv and PvNv

LIR Biotech , together with Genereach Biotechnology have launched a new nested PCR detection kit  for  prawn nodavirus, M. rosenbergii Nodavirus (MrNv) and  P.vannamei Nodavirus  (PvNv).  Both  are very  important species cultured in the global aquaculture business.

MrNv , affects  M. rosenbergii , the most important commercial  freshwater prawn.  Symptoms include lethargic PLs and appearance of opaque abdominal muscles. In serious infection, 100%  mortality within 2-3 days after appearance of whitish muscles.


MrNv infected prawns showing  white tail muscle disease.

PvNv was first noticed in 2004  when P.vannamei  began to  exhibit  white or opaque lesions in tail muscles. The symptom is quite similar to IMNV but further research showed it was caused by nodavirus.  PvNv is not known to cause high mortality but  can cause up to 50% production reduction in affected farms.


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