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Title: I-Screen WSSV, TSV Shrimp Viral Detection Kits
Date: 25-Jun-2008
Description: NEW - Isothermal Amplification Kit

I-Screen is a sensitive molecular detection platform using ISOTHERMAL AMPLIFICATION. With minimum equipment, simple  protocols, shrimp farmers now have a practical  and convenient diagnostic tool  for  rountine viral disease checking and monitoring  in their farms.  The detection sensitivity is better than rapid immunoassay and equivalent to PCR.   Systematic monitoring and early detection  helps in better farm management.  

Currently, I-Screen WSSV is available. Soon, more kits will be available.  In pipeline, I-Screen TSV  and   I-Screen  KHV

Advantages :

  1. Minimum equipment .  I-Screen starter kit  can be set-up anywhere.
  2. Simple step-by-step protocol .  Designed for  lay person use.
  3. Sensitive.
  4. Fast  results within 2.5 hours.


I-Screen Starter Set: 1xoven, 2xpipettes, 5 racks, 1 timer  


I-Screen - WSSV Positive  (dots in upper window and internal control  in lower window)

Samples from two different juvenile P. monodon


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