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24-Apr-2008 NNV One-Step Rapid Kit
NEW Product Launch - NNV One-Step Rapid Kit
15-May-2017 Our New Dedicated Laboratory Testing Website 2 U!
23-May-2008 Our Work Across the Region
26-Mar-2008 PCR Shrimp and Fish Viral Testing
In House Screening Service
06-Jan-2009 Prawn Nodavirus Detection Kits
NEW MrNv and PvNv
01-Dec-2008 Prawn Viral Screening
Turnkey Project In Tarakan , Indonesia
25-Mar-2008 Real-Time PCR Kits For Shrimp
Fast, Specific and Sensitive Detection
23-May-2008 Real-Time PCR Porcine Meat Speciation
Monitoring and Surveillence
14-Nov-2008 Real-Time PCR Quantitative and Qualitative Detection
Viral Detection for Aquaculture
Our New Service
05-Apr-2008 Residue Detection In Meat and Feed
ELISA Presentation and Hands On Training (March 31-April 1, 2008)
06-Nov-2008 Sarawak - TurnKey PCR Project
Shrimp Viral Molecular Laboratory
17-Jul-2009 Seminar Residue Detection Screening Tools
Department of Fisheries, Dhaka Bangladesh (July 11, 2009)
07-Aug-2008 Turnkey PCR Screening Laboratory
Virus Free P. vannamei
23-May-2008 Turn-Key Project Completed
Shrimp and Fish Aquatic Health Laboratories
05-Apr-2008 Viral Load Quantitation
Real-Time PCR Application Training (April 2-5, 2008)
27-Jan-2014 WE ARE HIRING

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