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Title: 5th National Fisheries Symposium
Date: 07-Aug-2008
Description: NAFIS 2008 (July 14-16, 2008)

LIR Biotech was present at the recent NAFIS 2008, K. Terengganu, Malaysia. The symposium is meeting place for government agencies, universities and private stake-holders to exchange information and establish networking.

Being an active player in the aquaculture industry, we exhibited the different detection tools available , most notably I-SCREEN isothermal amplifaction for WSSV. The I-Screen WSSV is as sensitive as nested PCR and will be a very useful tool for screening of infected animals (post larvae) at sub-clinical stage. I-Screen is easy to use , sensitive and meant for lay person i.e. farmer with minimum investsment. A few participants took time to work on the procedure to detect WSSV which proves how practical and easy this method is.


LIR Biotech was invited to give a technical presentation on "Disease Diagnosis Platforms : Tools Available for Disease Monitoring and Management ".


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